Wide range of Assortment

Saffran offers a great selection of textile products for luxurious hotels and country guest houses, for prestigious villas and little apartments, for hospitals and spa centers, promotional campaigns of world famous brands and local ones. You can find in our product range all the necessary assortment for your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, restaurant and other special rooms. Every piece of textile is carefully checked before shipment and materials are tested in well equipped laboratories before a production process. All our products meet the highest international standards.

Private label production

Saffran gives an opportunity to our customers to elaborate together your personal exclusive collections of textile. This can be a collection of a certain type of products as well as integrated design solution. Manufacturing under private label is also available. Working on our customers collections we pay considerable attention to your corporate style and culture, your wishes and ideas to make you happy and satisfied with your creation.

Full logistic support

Saffran provides to our customers a complex of logistic decisions. We are ready to manage your orders from the production point to your indicated locations. According to your requirements we supply you with proper labeling and packaging, in time land, sea or air delivery, customs procedures and warehousing. Your orders are always controlled and you are constantly informed about the process.

Consultation and workshops

Saffran constantly informs our customers on new products and their properties, innovations, care instructions etc. Our specialists are always ready to consult you on raw materials, production processes, latest technologies and trends. We also offer after sale services providing you with best treatment and care solutions. Our team is happy to conduct special textile workshops sharing our knowledge and experience with our customers.