About us


Company history

Saffran is a European home textile and HoReCa company.

The company’s history dates back to 2009.

Saffran is not just a brand, it is a team of professionals who have traveled all over the world, from North Africa to North America, from Europe to Asia, in search of new technologies, fresh and optimal solutions in the textile industry.


The mission of the company

Using the best raw materials, constantly monitoring the quality of Saffran textiles, we improve people’s lives, give them a sense of joy and comfort every day and everyone, because textiles start our day and end with them.

Also, we strive to develop the perception of textiles in the consumer market through the lens of aesthetic vision. Our products are a good example of this.

Due to the optimum balance of high quality, design solutions and the cost of our products, Saffran strives to give a competitive edge to its clients and partners.